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''Become aware of what you got.

You got to create space for the good that you desire.

Know where you are and be clear about where you are going.

Patience is a very important quality to have. Most people don't have patience because they don't have faith, they don't believe is going to happen or happen soon enough.

Faith and fear both demand you believe in something you cannot see. You choose!''   - Bob Proctor

Learn How To Manifest in Theta State

In ThetaHealing®, the concept of manifesting is the Belief that it is possible to create something into the physical using the connection to the Creator of All That Is. Every statement, thought and action is reflected by what we are manifesting in our lives. Every decision is made upon the mirror reflection of what we choose to create. What we think and say have a direct bearing on whether our manifestations are for our benefit or detriment. If you constantly say that you are poor, you will be. If you constantly say and think that you are financially abundant, you will be. It is of the utmost importance to stay on a positive mindset.

Why you should attend this course?


This course uses an amazing questionnaire to assist you to find the many surprising and deeply hidden blocks standing between you and your goals. It shows you how to dig deep to clear them; teaches you about intention and Divine Timing, followed by how to make everything in your life work for you. You are then given all the positive new Feelings you need to establish abundance in your life. Many people attempt to use ThetaHealing® to download complete financial success without first Energy-Testing themselves to find what may be blocking them. In some instances, these people become upset when they do not achieve immediate results. In this seminar you will learn how to clear these possible blocks, how to make a plan, to set your intentions, and follow through on your ideas to achieve your successes. This is not a get-rich-quick course, but rather a universal tool of self-discovery to utilize your potential to become rich in all aspects of your life.  The ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance Seminar have the following criteria taught by a certified ThetaHealing® Instructor:


  • Manifesting Downloads in a Theta State
  • How blocks on abundance are seldom about money
  • Exercises to remove your blocks
  • Exercise: Divine Timing
  • Exercise: Remembering your Future
  • Exercise: How to create your future from the Seventh Plane and manifesting in the highest and the best way
  • Exercise: Bless your money


How Theta Healing Can Help You to Manifest Your Dream Life?

Everything that we do and say is regulated by the frequency of our brainwaves. There are five different brainwaves: alpha, beta, delta, gamma, and theta. Our brain consistently produces waves in all of these frequencies.

The theta brainwave is a very deep state of relaxation, like a dream state, always creative, inspirational, and characterized by very spiritual sensations. While being at this level, you are able to learn things at a very accelerated phase, and also your subconscious mind allows you to receive any commands that you are given and actually allows you to heal anything in your life. 

In this course, you will learn how to access your subconscious mind to find and change the blocks/beliefs/paradigms instantly.

How effective is Theta Healing?

  • Just talking about your goals is 30-40% effective.
  • Visualizing your goals is only 50% effective.
  • Manifesting in the Theta state 80-90% effective!


What is that you really want?

The truth is that we are creating our own reality and it is possible to manifest the best that the world has to offer. But you must first decide what it is you want in your life. Do you have a dream of experiencing the life you want? Many have dreams, but not the reality despite much searching.

Meditatia Sacra Pentru Sanatate

In This 2 Days Course You Will Discover And Learn:

Day 1

  1. Regret - we remove these negative emotions and thought
  2. Resentments - resenting others will create a stagnant life for you
  3. Coveting - instead of coveting, focus on your own life
  4. Anger- our own beliefs holds us back and is important to locate those
  5. Lack of direction - Know what you truly want
  6. Partner always against you - we often use our partners as an excuse to why we have not achieved what we desire
  7. Poor me - this is a genetic excuse to prevent you from achieving your goals
  8. Overspending - often people, spend money before they have it
  9. Expecting something for nothing - this are core and genetic beliefs which block abundance
  10. Money is the root of all evil - this is design to make those who are poor stay poor
  11. Ego - some people put their ego first and pretend to be something they are not
  12. Demanding proof of the Creator - a subconscious way to sabotage ourself 
  13. Complainingthis is a habit and if we use it to much is what we will attract

Day 2

  1. Abundance list & Create intentions - always have a list with what you want in your life
  2. Great ideas & Being Clever - take control and create your own life
  3. Listen to others - listen but do not allow others to project their own beliefs on you
  4. The Seventh Plane of Existence - always manifest from this place
  5. Divine Timing - when we live in harmony with our Divine Timing, we accomplish more than we can imagine
  6. Boundaries & Honesty - set your boundaries to protect your energy and be honest with yourself and others
  7. Accountability & Responsibility - make arrangments to pay your bills
  8. Generosity - help those around you
  9. Reputationit's a direct reflection of how you treat people
  10. Plan - learn to plan and take actions
  11. Remembering your futuresee the future and change it or better yet, create it
  12. House Rules - your house is a reflection of you
  13. Energetic Downloads -Manifesting downloads, empowering beliefs and feelings for abundance in all areas of your life 

This seminar is 75% practical experience

Prerequisite: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA, ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA & ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper
Includes:  Manual, refreshments
Certification: You will be certified as a Theta Healing® Manifesting and Abundance Practitioner, allowing you to use these skills as a practitioner if you choose to.

Location: East London - Stratford / Online

Time: 11 am - 5pm

Manifesting and abundance Theta Healing Course

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