Do You Feel Like You Are Lacking Support From Your Partner And Do Not Know Why?

Maybe You Are Struggling To Find Your Soulmate?

 Or You Want A More Intimate, Passionate, Peaceful And Magical Relationship?

'' Many of us are born into this world knowing what being loved by another person should be like but not knowing how to fulfill this desire in the highest and best way possible. In order to realize this heart's desire and find ourselves comfortable with another person, we must first love ourselves enough and then we must take a leap of faith. For this is not as easy as it seems. It takes real courage to love someone so completely. Many people know on an instinctual level that feelings for another person that are so intense, so all-encompassing, are risky, and many avoid this kind of close relationship out of pure fear. Some avoid it to the extent that they don't believe in it at all. ''        Guy Stibal

Whether you are with your soulmate or seeking love, our intuitive relationship coach, Dua Mihaela Gordan, will guide you step by step for the next weeks, to Find and Stay in Love Forever!

This program is  designed for people who have not lost the faith that there is someone out there that has a divine understanding of us, and that two people are brought together for a divine plan that will contribute towards a higher purpose. It will reaffirm your belief in true love and will explain/show how, using the ThetaHealing® technique, you can bring your soulmate into your life or you can heal your existing relationship.


♥ 60 Days Relationship Transformation Program ♥

How This Coaching Can Help You To Find/Keep Your Soul Mate?

Everything that we do and say is regulated by the frequency of our brainwaves. There are five different brainwaves: alpha, beta, delta, gamma and theta. Our brain consistently produce waves in all of these frequencies.

The theta brainwave is a very deep state of relaxation, like a dream state, always creative, inspirational and characterized by very spiritual sensations. While being in this level, you are able to learn things at a very accelerated phase  and also your subconscious mind allows you to receive any commands that you are given and actually allows you to heal anything in your life. 

By accessing your subconscious mind we find and change the blocks/beliefs/paradigms instantly.

Some of this beliefs might be:

  • who is ruling the relationship
  • fear of loving to much
  • who dominate the house
  • male and female roles
  • relationship with in-law or/and children
  • intimacy and sex
  • trust and commitment 
  • forgiveness and understanding one another
  • sharing the money

Why This Is The Best Relationship Coaching?


WEEK 1. Discover the core issues

WEEK 2. Release communication blocks

WEEK 3. Let go of your past/ Release past patterns

WEEK 4. Heal past pain, abuse & abandon

WEEK 5. Self-respect, Self-confidence, Self-love

WEEK 6. Release fear of loving too much

WEEK 7. Enjoy your intimate life

WEEK 8. Transform your relationship & Manifest Love and Connection



  • 5 Love Languages Book
  • Guided Meditation For Your Home
  • Ongoing support for 6 months
  • ''Homework'' 
  • 3 Powerful recorded guided meditations


*** The best of this coaching, is that it can be done online or in person!


If your answer is YES, find the perfect plan for you

Pay In Full

£ 777

2 Payments

£ 395 / Month

3 Payments

£ 270 / Month

Learn how to Empower your Emotions and Succesfully Manifest the most Combatible Soulmate!

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I have been seeing Mihaela for almost a year. I needed help with my relationship and career and I would not have done without her guidance and transformative sessions. I have moved away from an emotionally abusive relationship, it was very hard to make that step as we were living together. She helped me to stand on my feet and ease me into the transition of being single again. Not long ago I have rekindled with someone that I have known in the past, I feel so happy and looking forward to see where life will lead... I have also changed in thought about my career and currently taking steps to move in doing what I love and care about. I cannot thank enough for Mihaela how much she has helped me and able to talk to me when I needed the most, very grateful to know her 🙏 love R.