If You Are Looking For healing your Body, Mind, and/or Soul  Than You Come To The Right Place! Our Top Of The Line Programs And Courses Are Designed To Help And Heal You In Any Way Possible!

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Our team offers a variety of healing modalities in sessions, workshops and practitioner training to suit you.
These sessions can help you on every level,  mind,body and soul. So whether you are suffering from a health problem and want to heal on a deeper level, or simply want to balance and boost your energy, bring abundance in your life or maybe manifest your soul mate, there should be something here for you!

theta healing courses, basic dna, advanced, dig deeper, soul mate

Theta Healing Courses

You can choose from a variety of courses like Basic DNA, Advanced, Dig Deeper, You And The Significant Other, and many other to come.


bioresonance scan london

Bioresonance Body Scan

A rapid,accurate,non-invasive spectral testing method and particularly suitable for checking of sub-health conditions.



Theta Healing Sessions/ Therapy, Energy Healing, Spiritual healing

Theta Healing Therapy

A 1 to 1 private healing session. You have 2 options to attend a session: to come to our office or to do by Skype.



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CaliVita Supplements

Begin to live an enhanced quality of life! CaliVita® International  have been offering innovative products and meeting the highest standards of quality for 25 years.

Meet the Team

Being involved in the holistic health industry since 2006, our team is expanding internationally, bringing an integrated mix of healing therapies and courses to help our clients achieve balance in all aspects of their lives.

Their goal is to help the people feel beauty inside and outside,as they say ''beauty isn't about having a pretty face...Is about having a pretty mind,a big and beautiful heart,and most importantly a light-full soul,in a healthy body''.

Cristina Maryam Bokhari

Maryam Cristina Bokhari

MindSet Engineer, NLP Master, ThetaHealing Instructor, Motivational Speaker, Energy Healer

Mihaela Dua Gordan

Dua Mihaela Gordan

Instructor and Practitioner ThetaHealing®, Lifestyle Intuitive Coach, Naturopath, Reflexologist, also Founder of ''Recipe 4 Family'', an unique and incredible program, based on a mixture of holistic therapies, build up to help couples winning the battle with infertility.

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